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ABC Brisbane Breast Cancer Cluster

Monday, 08 March 2010 01:07
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More Testing Needed

We are suggesting that further environmental testing may need to be carried out at the old studios in Toowong, Brisbane, where there was a breast cancer cluster, we have been in touch with various medical universities to access any published research which may determine that need.

The radon testing showed slightly elevated levels but certainly within the deemed standards, as we have been promoting the assumption that there can be a cumulative chemical effect on the body and that pre-exposure to some chemicals may in fact have a more toxic effect when exposed to other fungal toxins that may have the same pathway or result on human cells.

Since our last application our research has uncovered data which shows that our assumptions are correct and we now can avail ourselves of science based research data which also deals with chronic low levels of Radon exposure.
This data is courtesy of Professor James E Trosko (Ph. D Michigan State University Radiation Genetics, M.S., Michigan State University, Genetics, BA Central Michigan University, Chemistry, and Biology).

Professor Trosko is from the department of Paediatrics and Human Development as well as the College Of Human Medicine, Michigan State University.

Professor Trosko has informed us that low levels of ionizing radiation can and does induce cellular signalling and causes redox changes in a manner similar to non-DNA damaging tumour promoting chemicals.

He has also shown that the interaction of more than one agent, each given to cells at non-biologically affect concentrations, but in combination, can be additive, synergistic or even antagonistic with their regard to modulate GJIC (Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication).

Professor Trosko has said that due to chronic low levels of ionizing radiation producing a similar redox change to other tumour promoters that it would not be surprising that there would be some interaction between chronic low level radiation and some low level chronic exposure to other tumour promoters including fungal toxins.

I believe that this level of information highlights the need to eliminate any possibility that there might have been an environmental association at the ABC studios and that further testing as our firm has proposed may show if there may be a link between the low levels of Radon exposure and fungal contamination/Mycotoxin exposure.

We are awaiting a reply.







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# 2010-03-29 05:18
just cehcking out what it looks like