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Mycotoxin Testing

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 22:00
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Mycotoxins are “poisons” that can be produced by certain fungi elements depending on the growth conditions i.e. not all fungi produce Mycotoxins and those fungi which are known to produce Mycotoxins only occurs when the environmental conditions are conducive to that production or produced as part of a defence mechanism

Toxins can be dangerous and have been used in bio-warfare. Toxins have been well documented causing a wide range of symptomolgies, including skin lesions, nervous disorders, ulceration, sinusitis (sinus infections) and amongst others Mycotoxicosis. Literature has shown that mycotoxins have been implicated in adenocarcinomas of the liver, kidney, lung and bladder.  There is testing showing that toxins can cause aging of the affected cells but removal of the fungal toxins can allow a reversal of that aging process. Our laboratory has been involved with patients who have neuro-cognitive disorders where their physician believe, is it is due to environmental Fungal (mould) exposure.

The patented testing methods Mycotox Pty. Ltd. uses have been developed by a group of medical research Doctors over a 4 year period, in their CLIA certified laboratory.  These protocols have been validated and withstood Examination in Glenn and Frye hearings in various states throughout America.

Where the Testing Can be Utilised

Mycotoxin and Genetic DNA testing can be utilized in various areas where there may be deemed to be health issues in either a domestic dwelling or the workplace.

Both forms of testing can show if there is a correlation between where the fungal growth has occurred and the resultant symptomologies in either the residents or staff within the workforce. Naturally individuals who have symptomologies which may highlight some form fungal contamination but with no correlation to a workplace ore home environment can also utilize this form of testing.
More importantly Mycotoxin testing can determine wether a person or persons have been affected with either Aflatoxins, Orchratoxins or Tricothecenes and if positive it can allow a clients physician to determine the most successful way to remove those toxins from the individual client.

Importantly if Mycotoxin testing is carried out on the source of contamination  and individuals who are expressing symptomologies, then it can assist in determining if a health or work place claim is valid. This may prevent additional claims which are not valid.

The exciting news is that we may be seeing clients who have been affected by previous exposure of chemical toxins from cleaning chemicals, crop spraying or any other form of chemical toxin, if their body genetically lacks the ability to remove those toxins through osmotic pressure, then exposure to Toxins from fungi maybe a huge health concern (cumulative affect). This area needs to addressed

Tricothecenes are evaluated by using Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay (ELISA).
The Laboratory test has been validated as a qualitative test, thus the reports will show wether Tricothecenes are PRESENT or NOT PRESENT.

Aflatoxins are evaluated using ImmunoSorbant Columns containing antibodies to the Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, and G2) Results will then show wether there are Aflatoxins PRESENT or NOT PRESENT

Ochratoxin A is evaluated using ImmunoSorbant Columns containing antibodies to the Ochratoxin A. Results are reported as PRESENT or NOT PRESENT

Specimens have been validated in sputum, nasal washes, tissues but the Urine has been determined to be the most successful method of identifying Mycotoxins.

Urine Sample
A sample from first morning void into a specimen jar, sealed and if not picked up immediately, will need to be frozen for our company to have sent away to our Laboratory.
Along with the sample, a Doctor’s referral attention to Dr Dennis Hooper will need to be obtained. Please inform your Doctor about this testing so that if testing results show positive he will be aware that a detox programme may be required.
Overseas and here in Australia Liposomal Gluthoine in a liquid form has shown the best results in assisting the toxin removal.

Vince Neil
Mycotox Pty Ltd

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# 2011-08-07 11:01
I have read that Liposomal Gluthoine is a good detox/antioxidant therapy for individuals exposed to high levels of mould. My whole family have experienced hair loss and other concerning symptoms. I believe this was due to massive mould air spores we had in the home (Aspergillus Fumigatus/Pencillium). We have now remediated the problem but I am wondering if we need some sort of detoxification to help our symptoms. What would you recommend? I already take Biotin 500mcg, zinc, selenium ACE and a general multivitamin. The children are not on any supplements currently. I am in the UK
Emma Milser